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Gratitude for Growth

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Ammara's Gratitude Testimonial: Building confidence with every spray!

I came to Arizona in the summer of 2007, and I was having a hard time finding someone to do my hair.

I met AGoddess in early 2009 by word of mouth, as she came highly recommended.

I wanted locs, but I was unable to get them because my hair was falling out in the crown area of my head, my edges were non-existent, and in addition to this, my hair was thin.

Every time I saw AGoddess, I asked her to give me locs, and she continued to remind me that my hair was too thin and damaged to get locs, and if I got them my hair would break off as it got longer.

I continued getting my hair done by AGoddess until she relocated to another state.

During that time, I wore long wigs, braids, and crochet in my hair.

All of which dried my hair out, broke my hair off, and totally obliterated my edges.

I was so embarrassed by my dry, brittle, fragile hair that I continued to wear wigs, braids, and crochet for the next 10 years, which led to my depression.

Then, one day I received a call from AGoddess informing me that she was back in town and doing and doing hair. By this time, she had gotten her hair loc'd and advised me her sister Kristin was a certified electrician.

I told her to sign me up!

She asked what condition my hair was in, and I told her not too good, and she asked me to send her a few pictures so she could see for herself what state it was in. (see my early pictures.

I was embarrassed to show her, but the thought of finally getting locs outweighed my embarrassment.

Upon looking at the photos, she informed me that my hair was too damaged and that I would need to get it healthy before I could get Locs.

She recommended the Extreme Hair Growth Spray and said it would get my hair in better condition to get the locs, specifically my edges.

I sprayed my hair twice a day as directed for one month. I spent time massaging the spray into my scalp... I was determined!

During that time, not only did my edges grow back, but my hair also became stronger and more vibrant. I saw it thickening right before my eyes.

On June 13, 2020, I met Kristin and started my Sister Loc journey.

In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision, but AGoddess and Kristin reassured me that I had to trust the process and stay the course.

By now, I had started using the It's a Miracle spray.

Baby, that spray did WONDERS for my hair!

My edges were continually growing, and the rest of my hair was no longer dry, brittle, and fragile. No breakage at all!

By January 2021, my locs had gotten longer, stronger, and fuller!

Two years later I'm able to put my hair in ponytails and braids, and I'm even able to curl my locs!!! Talk about CONFIDENCE in a bottle!

All of this was made possible by the Extreme Hair Growth Formula in addition to the It's a Miracle spray.

I will forever be grateful to AGoddess and Kristin for introducing me to Daurham Hair Products.....specifically the Extreme Hair Growth Spray and the It's a Miracle Spray.

~ Ammara ~