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Ernest Daurham was the founder and president of D-Orum Hair Products, Inc., a hair care company established in 1979 to address the unique hair care needs of the African American consumer. Mr. Daurham was a pioneer in the hair care industry, offering a wide variety of products, including the flagship brand of "Leisure Curl". Under Mr. Daurham’s leadership, 
D-Orum Hair Products, Inc. grew to become one of the largest ethnic hair care companies in the world. His legacy lives on through his vision of DaurhamHair Products, a company owned and operated by his children.

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Mr. Daurham was an active philanthropist and gave generously to many organizations throughout his lifetime. Deeply rooted in his culture, in 1991, he established the Ernest Daurham Community Foundation to support social, educational, and employment opportunities in the African American community. His legacy of great haircare products and compassion for humanity continues through his children. 

They now carry his vision, still providing great products and developing new brands under

Daurham Hair Products.

To learn more about Ernest Daurham Jr. and his legacy foundation, please visit

This website provides information about the foundation and the work we do to make a difference in the community.

THE Next Generation

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Marcia Daurham



AGoddess Love-Daurham

Marcia Daurham has over 20 years of experience in business and operations management. She is an expert in the design and implementation of organizational structures and processes to facilitate the successful execution of business objectives.

Marcia is the daughter of a renowned hair care expert and entrepreneur. Raised in the industry and under her father’s guidance and mentorship, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hair care industry. She believes in the power of collaboration and has a passion for helping businesses and organizations reach their greatest potential.

Marcia is also an advocate for women in business. She also serves on the board of a non-profit where, as a certified life coach and mentor, she mentors young girls and women and provides them with the resources and skills they need to become successful, independent women. She believes in creating a safe and supportive environment for young girls to learn, grow, and thrive. As a non-profit leader and philanthropist, she is a frequent speaker at industry events and is committed to giving back to her community.

AGoddess Love is the firstborn child.  She has over 32 years of experience in business ownership and management. She is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the business, from product development to marketing.

AGoddess is an experienced leader with excellent communication and organizational skills. She is a visionary who understands the importance of customer satisfaction and has a deep commitment to creating products and services that meet customer needs. She works to ensure that our products are not only good for the hair but also good for the body and planet. She is always looking to develop new products based on customers’ needs and the latest hair trends.

AGoddess is a social entrepreneurial and nonprofit leader with a passion for empowering young girls and women. She is the founder and CEO of the L.I.G.H.T Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide young girls with the resources and skills they need to become successful, independent women. As a certified life coach and mentor, she believes in creating a safe and supportive environment for young girls to learn, grow, and thrive. AGoddess has been featured in numerous publications and has spoken at events across the country.

​Vice President

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Kristin Daurham graduated from the University of Illinois where she earned her BA in Architectural Studies and went on to pursue her MBA at the University of Phoenix.  After successfully working in the business field, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and transitioned into the hair care industry. 

Kristin has a passion for helping others achieve their healthiest, most beautiful hair. She has a strong understanding of the science behind hair care and loves to share her knowledge with others. She also believes in the power of natural ingredients and is dedicated to creating products that are safe and effective and is always learning more about the science and art of hair care.

Kristin serves on the board of directors for the Ernest Daurham Jr. Legacy Foundation, which was created to honor and continue his efforts in helping to increase individuals’ self-value and financial independence through education and programs.

Kristin daurham


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