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Embracing Healthy Hair

Welcome to Daurham Hair Products, where we advocate a holistic approach to hair therapy. Our products transcend surface beauty, nurturing your hair, body, mind, and soul. Meticulously crafted to hydrate, moisturize, strengthen, and promote growth, our hair care range delivers a transformative experience. Explore a refreshing hair care routine and embrace revitalizing self-care with our products.

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Countless individuals are embracing their natural roots after experiencing chemical and heat damage. Join the global community of millions of Daurham customers to begin your hair wellness journey today. Enhancing your routine and promoting healthy hair growth.

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"It's A Miracle" Collection
"It's A Miracle" African Oil – specially designed for locs, braids, weaves, and natural hair. This moisturizing spray nourishes and hydrates, preventing breakage and shedding while promoting strength and growth. Experience the miracle of healthy hair with "It's A Miracle"!
"Itch No More" is an antiseptic spray-on scalp cleanser designed to cleanse your scalp of dirt and oils effectively. Say goodbye to itching and dandruff buildup as this powerful formula eliminates irritation and promotes a healthier scalp. Enjoy a clean, refreshed feeling with "Itch No More!"
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"Calling All Curls" Collection

"Calling All Curls" Moisturizing Spray! Indulge your curls in the ultimate hydration experience with our lightweight yet potent formula. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to irresistibly soft, smooth, and beautiful curls. Embrace your curls with confidence!

"Calling All Curls" Moisturizing Lotion! This nourishing formula defines and enhances your natural curls, hydrating your hair to bring out its natural beauty. Experience lasting moisture and touchable softness with every application, embracing vibrant curls effortlessly.

"Calling All Curls" Moisturizing Shampoo! This harmonious blend restores balance, cleanses and repairs damaged or chemically processed hair. Enriched with botanical extracts, this unique formula provides unparalleled cleansing and conditioning, leaving your hair clean and more manageable than ever before. Experience the ultimate in hair care luxury!
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"Crown Of Glory" Collection

Our Crown of Glory Products is a 100% vegan and safe formula that supports healthy hair growth. Developed for real results, our products are chemical-free, hormone-free, and free of toxins or carcinogens. With a risk-free guarantee, our Live Hair Food nourishes, strengthens, hydrates, and stops hair breakage. Experience amazing results and start your regrowth journey today!

"Blessed Oil", is a blend of 17 organic and natural oils inspired by biblical wisdom. This unique formula is designed to grow, strengthen, thicken, and hydrate your hair, promoting health and vitality. Experience the blessings of beautiful, nourished hair with every application.

"Resurrection Hair Cream" is a deeply nourishing formula that revitalizes your hair from root to tip. This cream penetrates the scalp and resurrects your hair follicles, stimulating healthy growth. Enriched with chebe powder, moringa, fenugreek, and other healing ingredients, it promotes scalp healing and thriving hair. Experience nature's revitalizing power for radiant, healthy hair.

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New Look
Same Great Formula

"It's A Miracle" is designed to nourish, strengthen, condition and hydrate your hair. 

The Gift Of Healthy Hair




Nourish Your Hair:

Indulge in our carefully formulated products designed to provide your hair with the love and nourishment it deserves. Experience the transformative power of ingredients that promote strength, vitality, and a radiant shine.

Nature's Bounty:

Daurham Hair Products harness the potency of nature's bounty, incorporating simple ingredients that work in harmony with your hair's needs. Let the goodness of nature revitalize your hair from root to tip.

Mindful Hair Care:

Our holistic approach extends beyond the physical, focusing on the well-being of your mind and soul. Embrace a mindful hair care journey that nurtures not just your hair but also your overall sense of peace and balance.

Transformative Results:

Witness the transformation as your hair becomes a reflection of vitality and health. Our products are crafted with care to deliver results that speak volumes, allowing you to shine with confidence.


Join us in the pursuit of healthy, beautiful hair that radiates wellness from the inside out. Explore the Daurham difference today and treat your hair to the care it deserves.

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