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Unity in the Community

Mr. Daurham’s vision was always to create a powerful, thriving, and self sufficient community, with like minded African American owned businesses that will support each other and sustains itself.  


This is accomplished when the black community begin to buy from and sell to each other. We exemplify Integrity, Excellence and Faith in all that we do.


Daurham Corporation, a successful 40 year old hair care company with an affiliate program that circulates our dollars back into our organization to purchase land and help individuals start and sustain their own businesses. We believe we will have a greater opportunity of economic progress and success by working together and pooling our resources.


This formula has been proven in Tulsa Oklahoma where the cities black district of Greenwood was considered one of the most affluent African American communities in the United States for the early part of the 20th century. Greenwoods secret to success was, every dollar would change hands 19 times before it left their community, therefore ensuring the families and business owners were prosperous. 

"Teach a Man How to Fish..."

Ernest Daurham believed in this...

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he'll eat for a Life time!"

With this belief he opened up great opportunities for African Americans in the Hair Care Industry and other professions as well. They became successful as individuals, salons owners, distributors, beauty suppliers, and manufactures. He participated in partnership with individuals by providing seed money to help launch those dreams!

Mr. Daurham had pride in his family and community which made him strong. Believing sincerely that he is “Blessed”, he used his personal and professional resources to reach back and help others.

To formalize his philanthropic endeavors, he established the "Ernest Daurham Jr. Community Foundation" to support community, social, educational and employment opportunities within the African American community.


He also established the Daurham Institute of Hair Technology and provided "FREE" education to cosmetology students. In addition to the school, Ernie opened 5 beauty salons around the Chicago and Gary, Indiana areas to create job opportunities for his graduating students as well as provided seed money for those wishing to open their own beauty salons.

A Man on Mission

During the lifetime of Ernest Daurham Jr., he touched many lives and was a blessing to many people from all walks of life! 

Ernie was a great "Philanthropist" whose mission in life was to promote the welfare of others. He did this through the programs he created, his ministry messages and the many generous donations he made to varies organizations and causes. Our hearts desire is that his Legacy lives on through the Ernest Daurham Jr. Legacy Foundation. The Foundation will continue to support causes dear to his heart.

Here are a few of his favorites:

  • Save our Sons (At risk boys)

  • Ernest Daurham Jr./Hands on the Community Foundation(Cosmetology Scholarships)

  • Ersaline Daurham-Davis ("Love of a Mother" - annual award)

Here's how you can make a contribution to support the continuation of Ernie's most passionate causes. Make a tax-free contribution to the foundation today by visiting the website Today!

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