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Ernest Daurham Jr. began experimenting with various hair growth ingredients to create his very own product line. This line become so successful, due to customer demand that Beauty Supply stores and Walgreens sought him out, to carry his products in their stores,

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Ernest Daurham Jr. established D-orum Hair Products, Inc, as a company dedicated to addressing the unique hair care needs of the African American community,


D-orum Hair Product, Inc, created the first no-rod curl kit called the “Chicago Curl Kit” This product was a huge success in the African American community!

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D-orum Hair Product, Inc, reaches its first Million Dollars in sales with the “Chicago Curl Kit”.


D-orum Hair Product Inc developed a line of products which soon become the company‘s flagship brand Hair A care product called “leisure Curl”. This product gave consumers “the look of a relaxer with the maintenance of a curl”.This unique application of the product and its style gave birth to the “Dry Curl” category and was the answer to the ending of the “wet curl” style of the ’80s.

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D-orum Hair Product, Inc, achieved a record breaking number in sales for the year!


 Ernest Daurham Jr established the “Ernest Daurham Jr, Community Foundation” to support community, social, educational, and employment opportunities within the African American community,

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Ernest Daurham Jr established the Daurham Institute of Hair Technology and provided free education to cosmetology students as well as opened 5 beauty salons across the Chicagoland and Gory, IN areas to create employment opportunities for his graduating students.


As Founder and CEO of D-orum Hair Product, Inc, Ernest Daurham Jr. retired to Scottsdale, AZ to spend more time with his family and prepare for the next  generation of leaders,

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With his success and background in hair growth products, the growing demand for hair growth and restoration all  within a new “natural hair” awareness community, Ernest 
Dauham Jr. came out of retirement to launch Daurham Corporation. With a new vision and precision focus, the company introduced “It's a Miracle -  African Oils” and “Dr. Daurham’s Extreme Growth The formula” which is proven to stop hair breakage and promote stronger
and healthy hair growth. 


Guided by a family with a strong sense of values and a strong belief in  God, Ernest Daurham Jr. committed his life to the success he so deservingly achieved as Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the company that bears his name.

Ernest Daurham Jr. 1946-2021

In honor of this rich history and great legacy, his children continue serving 
the industry by distributing both old and new products under

“Daurham Hair Products”.

The Industry welcomes...


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